Is your Pastor Textually Active?

It’s a new age of communication, folks, and you probably reach out to people across the globe in several different ways.  So, too, does your Pastor!  And if you choose to enter into this texually active relationship, it may be helpful to have some guidelines:


  • Identify your self!  Believe it or not, we don’t have the whole church directory in our contact lists.  So a little “hey, Pastor, it’s _____!” goes a long way!
  • Proofread!  Autocorrect, while hilarious at times, can also be awkward and boundary twitching.  And no, we have no idea how that word got entered into your personal dictionary, either.  And we don’t want to know.
  • Double check to whom you are sending that text message!  Even more strange than the autocorrections are the ones you actually meant to send to your mom or teenager…. or partner.
  • Texts are helpful if you’re running late, if you’ve got got a quick medical update, or if you’re leaving the hospital, or even pop culture references are fun (are you watching that TV special or game too?!)
  • Texts are not helpful if it’s life altering news, if you have an issue with Sunday’s sermon, if you want to resign from a committee, or bring up a personal grievance.  (All of these things we absolutely want to talk about, face to face, and with intention.)
  • Sometimes you’ll get an immediate response, sometimes you won’t.  If you don’t get a response in a few days, mention something on Sunday or call!  (It may be a personal Sabbath, a day off, or a vacation!)
  • If you’re coming in and stopping by a coffee shop and want to offer me a coffee along the way, PLEASE text me!
  • Say what you’re expecting: a phone call? a visit?  a check in?  As much as we try, Pastors can’t read your mind!
  • If you wouldn’t send it to your grandmother, don’t send it to your pastor.
  • If you use them, know what your internet acronyms mean.  (LOL means “Laugh out Loud,” not, “Lots of Love.”)  Google it if you’re not sure.  (LMGTFY)
  • Text if you found a theological connection with the show you’re watching! Or if you found God in your everyday life by surprise! We love moments of God-connection.

Keeping up with healthy communication! What would you add?


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