A Blessing for One Depressed in Summer

For many, summer is a break: light and warmth and vacation and relaxation.  But for some, it highlights how hard it is to be depressed when everyone else seems so light, so free, and so put together.  For those in the latter category:

A Blessing for One Depressed in Summer

May the summer warmth, and the cool breeze offer a presence of understanding for your low place, and not of mockery.  May the calm quiet of the hazy day be not so much oppressive, but full of potential and rest.  May the birds sing with hope for the easy passing of this time in your life. 

May the busyness of vacations and “getting away” and visiting relatives and friends not be a chore, so much as an opportunity for grace to sweep in and the unexpected smile to emerge.  May your family, friends and church community look towards you with compassion, and understanding: just where you are, and allow you the space to be.   May you be strong enough to ask for help when you need it, and courageous enough to say “yes” when it is offered.

May the Dark Night of your Soul be enlightened and supported by the Light of the World, who looks upon you and calls you Beloved.   May the Christ who wailed from the depths of his own depression the verses of Psalm 22 reach toward you with open arms and broken hands.  May the risen Christ walk beside you through the turmoil, holding you close and comforting you dearly, speaking words of the dawn that will rise again in your life: the sun breaking over the tips of the horizon, the hope that is held for you in escrow in wounded hands outstretched.